About Us
''ViVOS is Most User Friendly Alarm System in Malaysia'' Abinarytech Hauz Sdn Bhd is a home alarm systems manufacturer company. Our main office is located in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia. We can offer the right security package for your individual or commercial needs by working closely with you at every stage of the entire project. We have a very strong management team, experienced, motivated workforce and the latest technology to meet your needs and wants.

Abinarytech Hauz Sdn Bhd has fast become the most system user friendly security company in providing the highest standards of customer care to private and public sectors. We understanding the importance and value that you place on your security needs which comfortably meet those expectations time after time.
Our company culture is to continually improve and monitor the professionalism of each and every single of our employees, the processes and the security technologies we use. In fact we investing in these key areas so that we can maintain our position as leading provider in our industry. There of it enables us to enhance the security industry in general through the sharing of best practices.

Your satisfaction and security are the uppermost in our entire employees’ minds. Abinarytech Hauz Sdn Bhd is always an obvious and first choice for all of your security requirements.

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